Michael Rozell - Hand Crafted Glass

My work combines my admiration of traditional Italian and Swedish glass techniques with a
modern American design sensibility.  Often I will apply feathering, which is an ancient
Roman technique, but instead of decorating the exterior of a vessel as it is traditionally
done, I will encase the delicate pulls of color within several layers of clear, which both
distort and amplify the interior pattern.  This interest in optics was a key part of the
early Swedish glass movement.  The shapes I create and the color palettes I choose
are clean, soothing, and organic, properties valued by modern American designers.www.puretimeswatch.com

In order for my designs to appear to float within the glass, I must transfer the
molten glass from one rod to another several times, while gathering layers
of clear between each switch of the axis.  Bubbles are added by either
collapsing a blown glass bubble or prodding the glass to create divots
which trap air exactly where I place them.  Dichroic glass is preheated and
applied to the glass early on, with the trails of color being applied to later
layers.  By pulling at the colors with a simple metal pick, I can produce the
smoke like twists in the feathering or transform a simple blob into a leaf or
create a blossoming flower.  Each piece is built from the inside out, layering Tag Heuer Replica Watches
patterns and colors on layers of pattern and color.  The process is very physically
demanding and requires intense concentration.  Laboring in the intense heat of the
furnace, manipulating the molten glass with tools which have not changed in thousands
of years, I strive to create works of harmony and beauty which will long outlive myself.

                                                                                                   - M I C H A E L   R O Z E L L

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